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Employee Safety: 2021 Erects a New & Improved Playing Field

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Before spring of 2020, signs throughout a manufacturing facility represented that company’s commitment to employee safety in the following way: ___ DAYS ACCIDENT FREE.  THIS PLANT HAS WORKED ___ WITHOUT A LOST TIME ACCIDENT. THE BEST PREVIOUS RECORD WAS ___ DAYS. DO YOUR PART! HELP MAKE A NEW RECORD. SAFETY FIRST. DAYS SINCE LAST INJURY

Manufacturing Transforms a Job Into a Successful Career

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Options. Possibilities. More positions than people to fill them. Entry-level opportunities with on-site training. The benefits of a career in manufacturing could continue for the length of this piece. Manufacturing Offers More Than Just Financial Gain Not many career sectors offer as much position diversity and opportunity as manufacturing. From pursuing a career as an

Material Demand Aggregation Creates Wise Financial Moves

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Supply Dynamics (SDX) released an article with a thought-provoking beginning. It said, “Discover how Supply Dynamics helped a Fortune 200 Aerospace OEM use SDX to transform how they manage their supply chain and how they utilized material demand aggregation to achieve: 25% cost reduction on raw materials $45 million in projected savings over 5 years

COVID Fractures Supply Chains & Small Manufacturers Respond

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“... the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to increase consolidation and fragmentation in the defense manufacturing industry…” ~ army-technology.com “Months of commerce-crushing lockdown, followed by a deeply fragmented exit from the acute phase of the pandemic, will continue to wreak havoc on supply chains.”~ controlrisks.com Components & Employees: Unsuspecting Musical Chairs COVID-19 created more than a

A Crash Course in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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TechTarget defines computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as the “use of applied mathematics, physics, and computational software to visualize how gas or liquid flows-- as well as how the gas or liquid affects objects as it flows past.” If you’re wondering if CFD is a big deal, the answer is a resounding YES! As the Journal

Skilled Trades: Positions Open & Brimming with Pride

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“Skilled trades-- those careers that require hands-on work and specialty knowledge-- have been in high demand for a long time. In 2019, Industrial Safety & Hygiene News reported that retiring baby boomers in the skilled trades were outpacing new employees by a rate of 5 to 1, estimating that there were nearly half a million

A Testimonial for Skilled Trades & Manufacturing

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Hi, I’m Evelyn. My grandfather drove a truck for a living, transporting goods to new job sites every day. My father assisted with creating products for businesses that range from a cheese company to the world-renowned Airstream. Most of my uncles and cousins and my brother devote their professional life to manufacturing and the skilled

Define Skilled Trades

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As a champion of the skilled trades, I’m pulled toward articles, facts, figures, and people who shed light on the skilled trades gap- the number of skilled trades positions open versus the number of people qualified and willing to apply for those positions. Time and time again, I find it’s assumed that readers know the

Employee Burnout: A Massive Contributor to the Skills Gap

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In February 2020, an article entitled What Does Burnout Have to Do With the Skills Gap? brought the following two statistics to light: “Roughly 20% of employees report high levels of engagement and job burnout, revealing that, although they are or were interested in their job, they can’t withstand the stress or pressure it entails.”

Remote Working is Working: Tips on Managing & Succeeding

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“Prior to the pandemic, just 1 in 30 companies had at least half of their staff working remotely, according to research from human resources consulting firm Mercer. As of late August 2020, it was 1 in 3. Of the employers surveyed, 94% said productivity has remained the same or increased since employees began working remotely.”