AVI products have a wide range of applications, from commercial, to business, to military aircraft, and more.

Business Applications

Today’s fast paced business world requiring executives to be extremely mobile has spurred growth in the business aviation sector. Business jets and corporate helicopters are now common place in many large corporations, and there is even a timeshare market that allows multiple companies to share aircraft. These aircraft, like their commercial counter-parts, have very stringent quality and performance standards.

AVI has long been a partner to the manufacturers of these aircraft and is committed to working with designers and airframer manufacturers to make better, safer and more cost effective components for future business machines. AVI’s knowledge and experience with fluid systems components make them the logical choice for your next design project.

Commercial Applications

With the ever-changing regulations and qualification requirements, today’s commercial airliners are some of the most sophisticated and well-engineered machines on the planet. Auto-Valve has a long history of designing and manufacturing high quality aerospace components capable of meeting and exceeding these stringent regulations. With a customer focused mentality and commitment to quality AVI is the logical partner to help you design the aircraft of tomorrow.

General Aviation Applications

AVI has long been a supplier to the general aviation industry. As a partner to most manufacturers of private and sport aircraft both fixed and rotary wing, AVI components can be found on many of the small aircraft flying today. The commitment to this product line can be traced back to the early years of the company, and AVI is committed to continuing this partnership long into the future. As new aircraft are designed and older models updated, AVI will be there working hand in hand with manufacturers to ensure the future and safety of the general aviation marketplace.

Ground and Marine Applications

Auto-Valve does not just manufacture parts for the aerospace industry. Today’s military not only uses sophisticated high-tech machines in the air, they are also on the ground, and in the water. Many of these machines have complex systems for hydraulics, pneumatics, fuel, and water. AVI’s high quality and reliable products have found their way on to many of these mission critical machines.

AVI is proud to be a supplier of components to all branches of the military.

Military Aircraft Applications

Auto-Valve Inc. has a reputation for quality and performance that stands up the some of the toughest environments in the world. The aircraft used by today’s military forces is called on to perform time and time again in some very extreme conditions. Blowing sand, snow, ice, heat and moisture are some of the conditions these machines must endure. For years AVI has worked with the designers and engineers on these programs to develop components that stand up to these rigorous conditions. As the technology changes and the aircraft become more sophisticated AVI will be there working to build the military tools of tomorrow.

Build to Print Applications

Auto, Valve Inc. Build to Print machining capabilitiesAuto-Valve’s State of the art in-house CNC machining capabilities are available for our customer’s “build to print” machining needs.

Our advanced model shop is capable of rapid prototyping and our leading edge machine tools and lean manufacturing processes ensure your parts are delivered on time and of the utmost quality.

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