The next generation of workers is coming up and it’s important that the manufacturing industry keeps up. In order to attract top talent, the industry will have to change some of its preconceived notions and offer more opportunities for creativity and collaboration.

Enter Manufacturing 2.0.

Manufacturing 2.0 is a term used to describe the new era of manufacturing that incorporates more automation and data-driven decision-making into the process. This means that there is less need for manual labor and more opportunity for knowledge work.

The goal of Manufacturing 2.0 is to be more efficient and effective in order to compete with low-cost countries.

In order to attract younger generations, the manufacturing industry will have to start changing its image.

The New Face of Manufacturing

One of the biggest challenges facing the manufacturing industry today is its image problem. For too long, the industry has been seen as dirty, dangerous, and boring. But that’s not the case anymore! Today’s manufacturing facilities are clean, safe, and full of high-tech equipment.

However, the image problem persists because many people still think of manufacturing as it was in the past. They don’t realize that things have changed and that there are now many opportunities for creativity and collaboration in the workplace.

In order to attract younger generations, the industry will have to do a better job of communicating this message.

The Opportunities of Manufacturing 2.0

As we mentioned before, Manufacturing 2.0 is all about automation and data-driven decision-making.

For young people who are looking for an exciting and challenging career, jobs within the Manufacturing 2.0 world offer a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of a rapidly changing industry.

There are many different positions available in a Manufacturing 2.0 facility, ranging from engineers to data scientists to maintenance workers. No matter what your skill set may be, there’s a place for you in Manufacturing 2..0

The manufacturing industry is changing rapidly and it’s important that we keep up with the times in order to attract top talent from younger generations. By rebranding our image and focusing on creativity and collaboration, we can show young people that there are endless possibilities in a career in manufacturing!