More positions than people to fill them.

Entry-level opportunities with on-site training.

The benefits of a career in manufacturing could continue for the length of this piece.

Manufacturing Offers More Than Just Financial Gain

Not many career sectors offer as much position diversity and opportunity as manufacturing. From pursuing a career as an engineer to a fabricator to a welder to a division manager, manufacturing offers advancement opportunities like no other and as you advance, so does your pay. The average salary for the manufacturing industry is $70, 818, and that’s just the average.

An article entitled 8 Reasons It’s Great to Work in Manufacturing aimed to explain what it’s like for the millions of people who work in manufacturing beyond just financial gain. That article concluded that a career in manufacturing was “fantastic” for the following reasons:

  1. Contribution To The Economy
    • “Deloitte research has shown that manufacturing ranked among the most important industries in maintaining a strong U.S. economy and eight in 10 Americans believe U.S. manufacturing is important to maintain Americans’ standard of living.”
  1. On The Cutting Edge
    • “American manufacturing innovations have helped shape the country since it was founded, and today new technologies like automation, wearables, 3D printing, drones, and the loT continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.”
  1. Exciting Sectors Of Work
    • “For some, relating details about their jobs may be met with disinterest and boredom. But that’s not the case for those in manufacturing who can regale friends about developments in the automotive industry, share the latest in food manufacturing with families over Thanksgiving dinner, or tell neighbors about the newest pharmaceuticals they are processing.”
  1. Increased Safety
    • “Robots are making our jobs safer, and technology like the Internet of Things and automation keeps us out of harm’s way. We are working smarter, and safer, than ever before.”
  1. Fruits Of Your Labor
    • “Whether working on everyday items you can buy at the store or huge set pieces for the next great Netflix movie, you can point to something and get the very satisfying pleasure of saying “I made that.” When you work in the industrial sector, you can actually see the outcome of your work in a tangible object.”
  1. Career Growth
    • “Once you choose a sector to go into, there are plenty of options for your career path.”
    • “And as the baby boomer generation begins to retire, leadership opportunities will be available for the next generation of manufacturers to take the reigns.”
  1. More Than An Assembly Line
    • “Manufacturing covers various industries and jobs within the manufacturing sector for those from other disciplines, such as sales and business development, marketing, human resources, and many others. These positions afford all of the benefits of working in manufacturing– the pride, stability, competitive salaries, excitement, great technology, and others– to people from many different backgrounds.”
  1. It Saves Lives
    • “Vaccine manufacturers and their supply chains are at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic and other manufacturers are stepping up to repurpose their facilities to help meet mass demands for supplies.”
    • “Innovations like 3D printing and additive manufacturing continue to represent the next frontier in manufacturing and the medical field.”

The conclusion is simple: Manufacturing offers an enormous opportunity to create a life and a career that you’re proud to call your own.

Author: Evelyn Lindell